May 2018

Integrating UNFCCC's Gender Action Plan into a Nationally Determined Contribution Roadmap

G+H publishes an info graphic highlighting the possibilities for the integration of the Gender Action Plan (GAP) of the UNFCCC (COP23) into both the development and the implementation of roadmaps for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).   The info graphic shares an example of where activities from the GAP are found in Fiji's NDC roadmap.

February 2017

Operationalizing NDCs: Rethinking the approach to Mitigation Actions to ensure National Appropriateness

G+H publishes a discussion paper with the aim to provide a tested approach and rationale in the decision-making process when thinking about and designing a pathway for implementing mitigation actions under National Determined Contributions through a country driven process under the Paris Agreement.

May 2016

NAMA on Access to Clean Energy in Kenya through Market Based Solutions

The NAMA introduces an innovative market based approach through private sector participation for the manufacture and distribution of 1 million units of solar PV-based lanterns and improved cookstoves respectively in Kenya. Energy Productivity Zones will provide infrastructure and support services for the private sector to invest in the manufacture and distribution of the clean energy technologies on a for-profit basis (i.e. operated as business models). Financing shall be made available through a combination of international grants and loans in addition to contributions (financial and in-kind) by the country.

April 2016

MDG Carbon Positive Impact Report

The publication aims to consolidate the efforts of UNDP's MDG Carbon Unit from the past 3 years in the field of climate change and sustainability as part of a wider effort to raise awareness of the activities undertaken. This 'flagship report' forms a key marketing tool that provides a global audience and more specifically potential international donors an overview of the activities undertaken in promoting climate actions and sustainable development.

February 2016

NAMA on access to clean energy through the establishment of market-based solutions in Ghana​

Access to clean energy by establishing a market based approach' has the potential to bring about a transformational change for the household energy sector in Ghana, resulting in emissions reductions, promoting sustainable development and increased access to clean energy technologies through an innovative private sector driven business model.

Developed as a 'Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action' (NAMA) under the UNFCCC framework for climate action in consultation with the Government of Ghana, the local stakeholders including private sector.

​October 2014

Finance Structure and its Management for a Rural Electrification NAMA

A guidance note on the business models, complex finance, general policies & actions, and governance for addressing the comprehensive financing of rural electrification programs under a NAMA.

​October 2014

NAMA Study for a Sustainable Charcoal Value Chain in Cote D'Ivoire

​A policy document targeting Cote D'Ivoire, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the charcoal value chain as a driver to limit deforestation and improve energy security

​October 2014

NAMA Study for a Sustainable Charcoal Value Chain in Ghana

​A policy document targeting Ghana, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the charcoal value chain as a driver to limit deforestation and improve energy security

​March 2014

Integrated Sustainable Rural Development: Renewable Energy Electrification and Rural Productivity Zones​

Introducing a holistic way of tackling rural energy access and rural poverty by setting up an integrated infrastructure for energy and income.


​March 2014

Corporate Social Responsibility as an enabler of Green Growth and Climate Action

​This discussion paper looks at the role of UNDP and MDG Carbon in helping a host country to establish a CSR Agency, a CSR Strategy and a CSR Fund for sustainable development


​December 2013

Standardized Baseline Guidance Note

G+H has authored a guidance note along with UNDP for the development of Standardized Baselines in carbon mitigation


​April 2013

Climate Finance - Part 1 (Public Funds)​

In 90 Seconds... explaining public funds in climate finance.


​March 2013

Measuring, Reporting & Verification (MRV)

In 90 Seconds... explaining measuring, reporting & verification (MRV) in NAMAs.


​March 2013

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)

In 90 Seconds... explaining National Appropriate Mitigation Actions.​​​

​January 2013

Post- 2012 Climate Actions - What Next​

In 90 Seconds... explaining what is next with Post-2012 climate actions​​​.

​September 2012

Understanding Solar Power Investments in Romania​

A White Paper guide to understanding grid-connected solar power investment considerations in Romania.​​

​November 2010

IPP Tariff Structure in Pakistan and Evaluation of Decision Making of NEPRA​

A White Paper guide to the mechanisms of IPP tariffs in Pakistan, in particular renewable power generation, and Evaluation of Decision Making of NEPRA

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