Hospitals AND Pharma- Sector

Modern hospital buildings are technically advanced placing considerable demands on the building automation systems to control and regulate the technical installations and technical functionality in each room.

Additionally, the pharmaceutical sector expects and requires a high level of reliability and accuracy in terms of documentation and validation.

One of GRUE & HORNSTRUPs core services is the provision of systems for building automation based on industrial PLC technology. This concept is perfectly suited to the demands made by the Hospital and Pharma sector.

GRUE & HORNSTRUP always develop and deliver ‘open systems’ which are easy to maintain and can be modified according to customers’ needs and requirements.

All known communication and bus structures are used so that the optimal solution can always be achieved. Eg. TCP / IP, LON, BACnet, M-bus, Modbus, KNX.

GRUE & HORNSTRUP has supplied systems for some of the significant players in the pharma area in Denmark, which are validated to GMP requirements defined by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).

Further information on the Hospital and Pharma- sector can be accessed via the Danish website  or by writing Mr. Kjeld Kirkgaard

Reference projects can be found on the Danish website

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