Building Automation

GRUE & HORNSTRUP provides complete solutions for building automation based on different hardware and software platforms.

One of GRUE & HORNSTRUP's core services is the provision of systems for building automation based on industrial PLC technology.

As a supplement to this technology, technical components are supplied by the Austrian company Loytec. GRUE & HORNSTRUP is Loytec’s Danish "Competence Partner".

GRUE & HORNSTRUP always delivers open systems that can be maintained, extended, and modified by the customer.

All known communication- and software bus structures are used to ensure the most optimal solutions, such as TCP/IP, LON, BACnet, M-bus, Modbus, KNX. ​

Comprehensive quality assurance is an integral part of the solutions delivered by GRUE & HORNSTRUP. It is important for GRUE & HORNSTRUP that the procedures employed, have a practical slant and not merely intended to generate paper.

Further information on building automation can be accessed via the Danish web site or by writing to Mr. Kjeld Kirkgaard

Reference projects can be found on the Danish website

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