Biomass based district heating in five Romanian cities.

Visit to the sawmill with the then Minister for Environment Hans Chr. Schmidt

Om Grue & Hornstrup​

GRUE & HORNSTRUP and GRUE & KIRKGAARD has a total of 28 employees and a number of affiliated specialists. GRUE & HORNSTRUP is owned by four partners: Kjeld Kirkgaard (CEO), Jesper Bergenhammer Jensen (Chairman), Douglas Marett (board) and Kristen Sig (board). GRUE & HORNSTRUP also owns a majority stake in the subsidiary GRUE & KIRKGAARD and a small part of SOLAR350 LTD.

2013 The last of GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s original founders, Lars Grue, leaves the company to retire. Kristen Sig joins as a partner in the firm and extends GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s skills in automation.

2012 Jesper Bergenhammer Jensen took over as co-owner and partner in GRUE & HORNSTRUP, reinforcing the company's leadership skills and supporting the expansion of GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s activities within building automation.

2008 GRUE & HORNSTRUP transfers its original business areas within building advice to the subsidiary Grue & Kirkgaard A/S with Mogens Kirkgaard as the CEO. The focus of GRUE & HORNSTRUP is directed towards building automation as well as international environmental and energy projects.

2006-2007 GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s activities related to industrial and building automation increased substantially and delivered complete solutions for a number of large and significant projects in Denmark. At the same time, GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s international activities increased to include Asia and South America.

2006 Douglas Marett joined as co-owner and partner in GRUE & HORNSTRUP.

2004 One of GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s founders - Kay Hornstrup - leaves the company to retire.

2003 Douglas Marett employed as an engineer with a focus on environmental climate and energy-related projects. A few years after, Douglas Marett takes charge of the international project activities primarily linked to the climate sector.

2000-2001 GRUE & HORNSTRUP implements one of the first climate-related projects, involving the Danish government. The project's focus is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from district heating production in five Romanian cities. It is implemented as a Joint Implementation project under the UN framework for climate adaptation (UNFCCC - United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change). The parties to the project are the Danes and the Romanian state.

2000 Kjeld Kirkgard joins as co-owner and partner in GRUE & HORNSTRUP.

1993-1994 GRUE & HORNSTRUP implements the first projects outside Denmark, focussing on energy and environmental improvements in Eastern and Central Europe.

1987 Kjeld Kirkgaard is employed as an electrical engineer and gradually extended GRUE & HORNSTRUP’s business activities with projects in the industrial and building automation.

1981 GRUE & HORNSTRUP is founded by the two original owners - Lars Grue and Kay Hornstrup. At that time, the business area was traditional building consultancy in the Danish construction sector. The focus was particularly directed at the installation area (Electrical and plumbing).

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